Yake Auto Parts Co., Ltd. specializes in producing precise parts of diesel fuel injection pumps and tractor hydraulic systems. Established in 1969, our company is located in Shaoxing City of Zhejiang Province in China.

Our main products with brand of "YAKE", are VE head rotors and DPA head rotors which used on diesel fuel pumps (VE and DPA), hydraulic pressure jars and lifter assemblies for tractors. We manufacture over 160 kinds of VE heads, which are widely used on cars, buses, minibuses, trucks, engineering machines and power generators.

We have advanced production facilities, complete inspecting equipment as well as a strict quality control system. Our company has attained the certifications of ISO9001:2000 and ISO/TS16949:2002. As the earliest manufacturer of DPA type fuel injection pumps in China, we have 40 years of experience in diesel fuel injection field. We always provide high quality products, perfect service, fast delivery and competitive prices to meet your demands. Please feel free to contact us for further information.
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